Cristina Movileanu is a singer-songwriter with a rustic and earthy charisma. Full of poetry and outworldly tales, her tracks can be best described as mystique folk. Her vocals hold a deep and detailed world within itself, and cast in its light, the narratives are transformed.

In her track, ‘Heaven’s Blend’ the artist traces the evolution of her destiny. As it unravels, she looks up to the wisdom and grace of the cosmos. Surrendering to its expanse, she finds constellations that comfort her through grief and celebrate her joy. ‘There’s a little sadness, a little grace’.

The track is detailed with oriental strings against swaying synth skies; two spheres that represent earth and heaven. Cristina’s vocals transcend through the fine line of acoustic melodies and effervesce into the ethereal textures.
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Full Moon, original song lyric video:

“All About You”  The Summer Vibe Song is available on all platforms:
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Here is my Debut Release and some feedback on it :
[It is evident that your philosophy of life is full of love for nature. At least, that is what this song inspires in us. The atmosphere is evocative and has something spiritual about it, as that fusion of ambient sounds and Celtic music invites us to close our eyes and connect with our inner selves. Whether it’s the melody, which exudes sensitivity and melancholy, or the instrumentation that leads us to a state of absolute relaxation, the result is always the same: inner peace.

Musically, everything is well-crafted. There are a great number of instrumental layers and all of them are executed proficiently. That bucolic landscape we mentioned earlier is also evident in the vocals, which sound poetic and full of emotion. And the final production is good, with a compact sound where all instruments are balanced. In summary, it is a good piece of work, which is worth spending a few minutes on to discover all the musical secrets it holds.
We liked the song, and we will write a review about you on our website. We would include it in the international section that we have.

Cristina Movileanu muestra su madurez en «River Rain»




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🚗🎶 Get ready to embark on a thrilling musical adventure with “Highway”,
– an enchanting collaboration between Cristina Movileanu and Makacha.
This mesmerizing single takes you on a wild journey.

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If you’re a fan of the classic song “500 Miles,” you might enjoy my cover version.