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Art Classes

Parents can agree that art is very important for kids, it stirs the imagination and gives a sense of wonder. But, did you know that art in education can help children develop vital educational and leadership skills that can be applied to every aspect of their lives? As kids learn to be artists, they are developing life skills that will help prepare them for their future  whether they become professional artists or not

Here are some important skills that students can learn from art education:

  1. Creativity. (Being able to think on your feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and think ‘outside of the box’.)
  2. Confidence. (Through practice, students improve and gain confidence and it helps them trust in their own abilities.)
  3. Focus. (Studying and practicing each type of art takes a great deal of focus which is a key skill developed through ensemble work. )
  4. Self-expression. (The main function of art is creative self-expression, it can bring new and surprising information into our thinking and feeling patterns.)
  5. Observation. (When creating art, you must be aware of all of your surroundings, observe and look closer to objects as they are presented before you.)
  6. Discipline. (Discipline is a must when practicing and creating art. Students must pay attention to their educator, study the technique, follow instruction and take constructive advice in order to progress as an artist. )
  7. Perseverance. (Learning art does not come overnight. It may take decades for an artist to master their craft, perseverance is essential to achieving success.)
  8. Dedication. (Developing healthy work habits and putting effort into the success of the final piece of art.)
  9. Open-mindedness. (Art can change our innate ways of thinking and how we see the world.)
  10. Risk-taking. (Confidence to try new things, experiment with the unknown and formulate their own conclusions.)
  11. Solve problems. (As children dive into creating art and develop their artistic skills they also discover which creative process works best for them, they also learn how to see something as a challenge they can tackle instead of a problem.)

A window into our Creative Art Class:

Children painted their own Indian elephant. All of the kids did a lovely painting.

The indian elephant creative project for kids
A window into our Creative Art Class. January 24’th.


painting of a indian elephant by Julia Kluza
Julia Kluza’s- painting. The Indian Elephant.


Hannah Rose Indian Elephant painting at Tyrrelstown art class
Hannah Rose Indian Elephant.


The colorful elephant of Roisin Kador.
Roisin’s colorful painting. The Elephant.

I really like the nice colorful line made with a felt-tip pen, by the way, it is the student’s idea. Very creative kids in Tyrrelstown. Love you all!

tuesday art class at Tyrrelstown Community Centre-tree of life
Haroon’s Artwork. Tree of life.


tuesday art class at Tyrrelstown Community Centre Hammad artwork
Hammad’s Artwork. Tree of life.


art class work in progress of tree of life drawing and colored pencil
Work in progress of Kaja & Mikolaj’s artworks and the close up of Odhran Sheeran’s pretty hands drawing the sun.

In this lesson, we were exploring color & shapes – drawing magical houses. Hammad told me he can’t draw houses however his artwork is on this cover and I really love it. The kids were so creative. Here is the window into our Creative Art Class.

Tuesday Art Class at Tyrrelstown Community Centre
January 23’th. Magical houses.
Dani's artwork for Valentine's day at Tyrrelstown Art Classes
Dani’s Artwork for Valentine’s day
Valentine' day project for art class
Valentine’ day project
Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers from our talented kids

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” – Dr. Edwin Land


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